Peace and Love and Light

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-fifties
Current location:  Australia
Age at time of experience:  47

I came to stay with my mother at the hospital where she was dying. I did not want her to pass away alone. I entered the room and she was crying and talking to someone although no body was in the room but my son and she told me it was her father, my grandfather who had passed away many year ago. She asked me to tell him that she was ready to go, she has been a good girl. So, I decided to do so for her wellbeing.

As I started to talk, I said pop she has been good girl. Mum grabbed my hand and suddenly I was overcome by a terrible pain straight through the top of my head. It felt like a hot knife had ben plunged into my brain and the pain was excruciating. But on the inside, it felt like a quiet hysteria had overcome me. I had to let go of my mum’s hand. The pain was so intense, I thought I was going to die right three next to mum.

But when I let go, the pain subsided and I was left with the most incredible feelings of peace and love and light, and I don’t have the words to describe it. I felt as though I was being cocooned in the safest place I have ever known. I have never ever been the same since. It is like I have been given a different view and knowledge of the truth of life.

I did have a few more of those extreme headaches while I shared my mum’s last days and always afterwards the accompanying peace and love. I was very aware of spirts coming and going, and what I found out was no one dies alone. Our spiritual family comes to meet us and it is a most joyous reunion. Grief and sadness are only in this realm. When we pass away, our souls go home.

Most importantly, was the overwhelming feelings of peace and love and light, and that all was well with the world. No one is spared from death, but on the other side is life and life most abundant. I think I got to feel heaven. So, all the promises of heaven are real. Jesus and His promises are real. Jesus Christ is the truth of life.

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