An Underlying Power of Oneness

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early sixties
Submission date:  June 22, 2021
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  40

 While meditating (I was using the Qigong “Holding the Balloon” standing position), my body started to feel as if it were vibrating – slowly at first, but this vibrating grew so intense that I felt as if I was going to explode.  My consciousness started to “lift” up, and I then felt as if I were launched into a bright light that suddenly appeared in my mind’s eye.  I could sense my self leave my body as my consciousness passed into the light and then continued on through a tunnel of lights that seemed to fly past me… at the end of this “tunnel” I was just suddenly cast out into a huge, black void where I had the sensation of floating in a gravity-free space… my total existence had been pulled into an expanse of just pure blackness, and as I gazed out I could slowly begin to see millions and millions of what seemed like dim, fuzzy stars slowly come into view – I had the sensation I was either moving towards them, or else they were moving towards me; I couldn’t really discern if I was moving, or if they were.

Nonetheless, I was able to perceive these dim, fuzzy lights/stars as living, sentient souls. It was as if I was looking at this infinitesimal scene very much like someone looking out through an open window up into the night sky.  While viewing all of these soul-lights, I began to feel love coming from each individual Light; at that point, I then returned my love to all of the Lights – I don’t know why, but it seemed like the proper thing to do.  At that moment, a message then came to me (the message seemed to come more as an emotion/feeling and I had to translate it in my mind) saying “Watch this, we’re going to show you something really cool!”  Immediately following the message there was a bright flash and all the points of Light began rotating in a clockwise direction, spiraling in together thereby forming a bright vortex of whirling lights. This spiral continued getting ever tighter and tighter and brighter and brighter until all of the lights were concentrated into a single, bright spinning light – the spinning, single light would quickly slow down to a stop, at which point it would take on the appearance of a golden medallion with a triple-spoke ying/yang pattern on it… the medallion would then start spinning in the opposite direction, become a bright light again, and then quickly slow down to display the triple-spoke ying/yang medallion again. It was like watching a wagon wheel in one of those old Western movies where the wheel seems to spin forward, then stops to where you can fully see the spokes of the wheel standing still, and then spins backwards… and so it was with the spiral of Lights… they just kept repeating that cycle going clockwise/counter-clockwise, back and forth, with the medallion appearing at each stop.

After a while and without warning, the spinning vortex of Lights exploded outwards in all directions, and all the Lights burst back out to their original positions – at that moment my existence was then literally drawn into the middle of all the Lights, and I felt love being sent to me again – but this time, instead of love coming from each individual Light, the love that was coming from the Lights came as a single, combined source of unified love accompanied with a feeling/emotion of Oneness – this emotion of Oneness was very overwhelming because I had never experienced anything like it in my life. So again, I returned my love to the Lights, which were at this time no longer individually separate in consciousness, but instead were unified spiritually by an underlying power of Oneness. I then began sensing my own love being returned to me along with the love from the power of the Oneness which was upon all the Lights – I could sense my “self” who was sending the love as being separate from the “self” who was receiving the love back via the One.  So, in essence, I experienced my own love returning to me as both a love from the One, and at the same time as a love coming from the Me, yet the “me” who sent the love also seemed separate from the “me” who was receiving the love. I was sensing my Self and the One as both separate, and yet at the same time, I was sensing my Self and the One as a single consciousness/entity.

At this time, another message then came to me (again, via feelings/emotions) and said “The One is the All, and the All is the One.”  Shortly after that, my “view/position” dropped back to that of the outsider looking out through a window, and then the whole scene disappeared and I came back into my physical body.  This whole experience lasted about 30+ minutes.

This experience really shook me to the core, and it took me about two weeks to get back to a semblance of “normalcy” (the reality of day-to-day living seemed so artificial, and time seemed like it had stopped flowing… everything just “was”). At the level of existence I reached, there was no “body,” there were no rambling thought processes, and there were no feelings outside of love, bliss, and Oneness. My “body” felt like it had transfigured into a light/star consciousness surrounded by an infinitesimal number of other analogous lights/stars – all separate entities, yet all of a solitary mind, and all bathed in the power of Oneness, love, and blissfulness.  Oneness is NOT merely a philosophical concept; it is a force and a state of existence like that of an emotion that can be felt throughout one’s “being.”

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