The Pure White Light

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early sixties
Submission date:  June 22, 2021
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  18

I have meditated since I was a little boy. I just didn’t know what it was. All my life I have experienced phenomena and precognitive dreams that always came true. I prayed numerous items a day.

At 18 I had what most people would call a near-death experience. I stopped at a friend’s hours to pick him up after my college class to go out with friends that night. He had just gotten back from work and had to take a shower. So, I sat in the lotus position and meditated.

Then there was a voice that asked me if I wanted to go! I don’t know where the voice came from but for some reason, I knew what it meant. I wasn’t suicidal or anything like that. I was a very happy person, and even more so now. But I am a true empath and that is not something I ever told people until about 10 years ago. The weight of the world was so heavy on me. I could feel everyone’s pain and was so disgusted with the way people treated others. But since I was a kid, I made a decision to look for the good in everything because then I would always find happiness and I have.

As soon as I said yes, I popped out of my body. I had only had one out-of-body experience before that when I was younger. But this was so different. I saw my body slumped over but didn’t have any concern. Then I went through the ceiling, above the roof and I could see the whole neighborhood so clearly. Then I went above the earth and saw the beautiful blue color it was. Next, I just kept going into space. This was all before Near-Death experiences were talk about or written about.

Then it got interesting! I was in a tunnel that had clouds for the floor and ceiling. I felt compelled to keep walking down the tunnel until I found a hallway to my right which was much narrower. There was a beautiful pure white light at the end of a doorway with an unusual shape. Its shape is another amazing story that didn’t come to my awareness until a few years ago…I figured out what it was after all these years! I walked into the light and fell into the pure white light. It was amazing!!!! There was only Love!! There were no fears, no pain, every question was answered! I felt like I was part of something so much bigger almost like a photon in a light. I was at total peace!! But then it said it wasn’t my time. But I didn’t want to go back.

Then I slowly floated back into my body in such an amazing peace. My friend was over me asking if I was okay because I wasn’t breathing. I told him he wouldn’t believe what I had just experienced! I searched every religion after that to try and understand what I experienced. But no one religion could explain it. Instead, I became very spiritual because religions were made by man to worship God how they wanted you to, what they wanted you to believe and too many people have been abused by religions and died because of them.

I learned that everything is Love and that we are all part of God and its creation…we are all connected. It wasn’t until I was almost 50 years old before I connect the dots as to why I experienced it. It is an amazing story.

Once I was in the northern part of Thailand and met a man who told me about my near-death experience and showed me what the shape of the doorway was. He said it was like a shield. He was the only one who ever knew about the shape of the doorway. I had never told anyone before and I didn’t tell him. I was stunned!! But I finally figured out what the doorway was…another amazing story!

That NDE totally changed my life and started my search for answers and led me to where I am now spiritually…in an amazing place that I wish for everyone. So, I help people when I can to understand their lives and spirituality when I can.

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