The World Danced Through Me

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-twenties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  23

Devoid of mental chatter, I sat. A microscopic black speck drew my attention to the ground without distracting it from the sky. An ant moved diligently among the massive maze of grass, crossing blade after blade, until it reached the cluster of closed pink flowers that I hadn’t taken my eyes off of.

The sky turned a deeper shade of pink, a last call for that evening’s beauty. I sat there as the world danced around me. The cold concrete, the pioneering ant, the fledgling flowers, rows of tobacco stalks, rolling hills, and infinite sky. Thoughts remained paused; emotions dissolved into night air.

And then the world danced through me, speaking something beyond words: One is all and all is one.

Everything came into focus but no one thing stood out. They were all just as sharp as the other. That mystical phrase sank into me. I glanced down at my body; my arms still wrapped around my hinged legs. My bodily form melted into the truth I heard.

I am that one, I am that all.

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