I Suddenly Just Knew That We Are All Connected

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-thirties
Current location: U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  34

For months, I’ve adopted the practice of rising before the sun and going outside to pray, read my bible, journal, and meditate. My prayers had become very intentional – where I prayed constantly for deeper understanding and wisdom. I really don’t know how to describe exactly how it happened, but I just suddenly had my mind opened to things – understanding of things – that I’ve never heard of or been exposed to personally. I suddenly just KNEW beyond any doubt that we are all connected – I could see a visual representation of this in my mind, but there was an overwhelming peace and AWE of just KNOWING.

This lasted maybe a couple of days. Despite going about my daily responsibilities, I was constantly in deep thought that I couldn’t seem to shake free of – but honestly, I didn’t want to either. I continued to see and realize things in a completely foreign way from what I’ve always known/thought.

The best way I can think to describe it is to say that God/Spirit revealed to me “Who” he is. I was allowed to SEE the whole picture. More than that, I could FEEL it. I felt universally united spiritually with everything – and everyone. I started to make sense of things I’d never understood in my life.

Ex. Why I’ve always had a memory that isn’t mine. I wasn’t even alive when it occurred. I’ve always felt a strong sense of “purpose” spiritually but have never been able to explain or understand it – this was a huge reason for my prayer and meditation ritual. I began a couple of years ago doing guided meditations that opened me up for the first time to the idea of the third eye, inner self, etc., but never really understood it – really – until this.

Suddenly EVERYTHING made sense. I was raised Pentecostal, but as a teenager began to explore other religions/ways of viewing spirituality. After years of study, travel, experience, questions unanswered, etc., I landed in the Catholic church about 7 years ago – but since then have fallen away from even that as I felt there was MORE – something bigger that I wasn’t able to see. I just could feel it.

Nothing made sense. Now everything makes sense. I’m now able to KNOW, FEEL, and SEE that the same “God” was sent to us by both Jesus and the Buddha. I knew next to nothing about the Buddha until after this experience – I researched his life, experience, and teaching.

My jaw physically dropped in shock as I learned that what he taught was exactly what I had suddenly and organically come to KNOW. The concept of reincarnation seemed science fiction to me before. But now, I have not just knowledge, but confidence and peace, in knowing this is the way of things – always has been and always will be. I have even been able to reconcile this with Bible scripture – and am able to read scripture with a sense of truth and knowing – and see the deepest level of meaning in so many things that I never thought twice about before.

I feel as if the DNA of who and what I am has changed and I will never be the same. I’m still meditating and gaining new insight and revelation every day – I’m not sure if this “mystical experience” is over yet. I don’t want it to ever be over. I want direct connection to God like this every minute of every day for the rest of this life.

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