You’re IT!!!

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-twenties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  20

During my most significant mystical experience, my conscious “self” partially left the physical field of time and space and “I” was aware not only of my immediate surroundings and sensations, but of an infinitely large space filled with an intense aura of complete and total Being, and at the very center of this large space (which at times would appear to break off into beautiful patterns of energy) was a single point of energy/conscious awareness that was the Ultimate Reality of everything: of consciousness, of existence, and time and space itself. This Ultimate Reality that I perceived of was on a separate plane of existence entirely from my normal reality, yet simultaneously existed side by side with normal reality, and this Ultimate Reality was felt to exist within me, in the center of my chest; in my “heart cave.”

Along with the 2 other past psychedelic-induced mystical experiences, this experience especially was one of, if not the most profound and meaningful experience(s) of my life, and I felt that the only thing left for me to do was to go out and love the world with all my being.

Once this “message” was fully received, my normal waking consciousness slowly returned to me through a series of strange (not pleasant, but also not unpleasant) feelings and sensations—similar to a kind of feverish delirium—as I laid in my bed attempting to fall asleep (I’ve decided that LSD—especially the “come down”—lasts too long and that If I ever attempt to have a drug-induced mystical experience again I will use psilocybin, which I have successfully used once before).

After I finally did fall asleep for a while, I woke up feeling disoriented, but, with just a little bit of effort, was able to remember the intensity of the experience.

It was all so real. Just as real as any other experience I’ve ever had in my life; as real as the experience of my typing this now. And yet the bought of strange sensations and delirium that occurred when my normal consciousness returned as I tried to fall asleep did cause me to question the validity of the experience, but after going back and writing down everything that happened the next morning, I realized that what I experienced that night was indeed an intense and powerful mystical experience.

I concluded from my experience that Consciousness, Being, Self-hood, Buddha-hood, God, and Thus-ness are all words for the same Thing which is the root and essence of everything. It’s all Me and it’s all Here Now.

As I sat on my back porch and meditated, and as the effects of the LSD began to take a hold of me, I had a profound experience where suddenly my consciousness and my waking self felt connected to, and in fact identical with, the chemical languages of the plants around me; I felt and could even HEAR the forest and the bugs responding to my conscious experiences… when the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place—when I began to realize the secret of who I was—the wind would blow, the trees would rustle, and the bugs would buzz as if applauding me for discovering (or at least getting closer to discovering) the true secret about my—or rather our—Self. Then, something clicked and the mystical experience—after creeping up on me steadily—finally became self-evident. In that moment when everything finally clicked and when I felt that I WAS the trees and the bugs and the things all around me, a firefly flew up and hit me right in the head as if to say, “You’re IT!!!” And then I got the message.

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