Pure Ecstasy and Bliss

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in late-sixties
Submission date:  June 30, 2021
Current location:  Canada
Age at time of experience:  63

I am a person who had lived inside a secular worldview. I had been in therapy with a Jungian therapist for about 8 months. Recently, I had been recording my dreams and thinking about them using Jungian concepts as a guide.

I was in my car, driving to help out a dear friend. It was a beautiful, clear day. I used the time in the car to talk to myself about my dreams and getting meaning from them. The car was on cruise control and there was no traffic so I felt quite comfortable. I felt happy.

The feeling got stronger and stronger. It came in waves, like childbirth. I thought it was momentary and would end. But it was so strong, almost orgasmic in intensity. I felt love, pouring down on me. Wave after wave of love. The feeling originated from inside me; I did not see any difference in the world outside my car.

An inner voice repeated ‘You are love. Everything is love. Nothing else matters.’ It was a feeling of self-love that is indescribable. Pure ecstasy and bliss. Tears were streaming down my face and I was afraid to move or change. This continued for 30 minutes until I arrived at my friend’s house. It lessened and then stopped.

I took a few moments to compose myself. I had no after-effects. I wasn’t sure if I had a stroke but I felt fine – that any sadness I felt in my heart was gone. I felt whole and complete. I am now much more open to spiritual ideas. I know they are true.

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