A Presence of Acceptance, Kindness, and All-Encompassing Love

Mystical Experiencer: Woman in her early forties
Submission date: June 2, 2023
Current location: United States
Age at time of experience: 39

Initially I saw what I describe as an apocalyptic forest, a small grouping of trees and plants which moved through a cycle of birth and death. Death from becoming violently extent due to human action.

As I walked on from plants to rock, I turned my thoughts to intentionally processing the grief of being unable to become pregnant after years of trying. This became an overwhelming physical sensation of waves of grief, sadness, anger. Lots of yelling.
Walking on again, I came to a short rock wall ledge where I lay down in the sun.

As I looked up into the sky I had geometric visuals and felt pure love. It was a presence of acceptance, kindness…and all-encompassing love. It felt very strongly of some other presence. There wasn’t a face necessarily but it was so similar to an Alex Grey piece of art with forms made of color, shapes made of pulsing energy, moving and seemingly made of light. I felt I was being shown a glimpse into what another reality was or this reality could be or most importantly what is possible. I’ve not been able to describe the goodness, the lightness, the surety of that love and that potential.

My boyfriend came to find me and help me walk back to camp. As we walked I felt physical waves of sickness, difficulty catching my breath, interspersed with more geometric glimpses and the pure love presence. Every time I hugged and kissed my boyfriend, I saw in my mind’s eye that we were both this same pulsing light energy bodies as in the previous vision. It felt fated, beautiful, pure, and genuine.

From there I experienced a lengthy and gentle come down which was more logical and I was able to sit with what I’d just experienced.

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