Everything was Me and I was Everything

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-forties
Submission date:  August 1, 2022
Current location:  Ireland
Age at time of experience:  18

I had the intense feeling of being one with everything. A total dissolution of all boundaries, shape, direction. A feeling of submersion and flow in all conceivable directions at the same time. Total peace and completeness, but not conscious of self at all. There was no me, everything was me and I was everything.

Waking up was terrible at first. Realising I was in a room with so many things that were separate from me, that I couldn’t feel, that weren’t me. It took me a while to adjust and appreciate the profound experience I just had. I had been an atheist/agnostic until then, but have been very spiritual since, as I think I was (with) God during this experience.

I keep saying that I don’t just believe in God – I have experienced God and therefore know that there is God (or whatever name you want to give this holistic oneness, not tied to any one religion for me; Christianity just afforded me some approximate vocabulary).

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