Mystical Experience of A.H.M.

A.H.M. is a woman from the United States who shared her experience with Robert May, author of Cosmic Consciousness Revisited, and wished to remain anonymous. Her experience took place during the 20th century.

“I am with a group doing a Zen meditation walk in a light drizzle on the last day. I’m feeling very vulnerable and am concentrating on a question about the void. As I came around the house I look up.  Everything stopped. The view shifted. It is like space has cracked open and shifted. The light changes – brilliant silver flashes. Colors change. Perspective changes. There is no time. Instantly I “know” and see the illusion of the material world.  I know that everything at every level, microcosm to macrocosm is perfect elegant order. I feel perfect – enough – totally loved and know I always have been. I am expanding in that love to bursting. I feel beautiful inside and out, loved and cared for.  I am laughing and crying. People come down the street and I see they have no substance and I hear “they are the walking dead.” I weep with compassion for us. Everything I see around me is filled with wonder and newness – such joy and sadness. I feel loose in the universe with no boundaries. I am in bliss and despair – filled with energy and light. I am filled with gratitude and a sweetness as I gaze at the wonder of the orange I have in my hand. Little happenings are hilariously funny and bring me to tears. Such beauty – such love – such sadness and joy and life! It is overwhelming – no words describe this – no one can know the feelings; the experience.”

Quoted by Robert M. May in Cosmic Consciousness Revisited.

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