Mystical Experience of Gangaji

Merle Antoinette Roberson (1942 – ), known as Gangaji, is a spiritual teacher and author.  Since 1993, Gangaji’s work has been supported by The Gangaji Foundation, “a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, serving the truth of universal consciousness and the potential for the individual and collective recognition of peace inherent in the core of all being.”  Gangaji’s books include You Are That, Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story, and Freedom and Resolve: Finding Your True Home in the Universe.

Gangaji described her mystical awakening, which occurred during a meeting with her guru, Papaji, once she realized herself as the silent witness of the mind:

“What followed cannot truly be put into the constraints of time.  Although time did pass, time passed through (continues to pass through) what was revealed to be eternal.

Past, present, and future, all phenomena of mind, exquisite, mysterious and deeply entertaining, but not real.

Reality indefinable, unprocessable, unholdable, yet undeniably here.  Eternity here.  Regardless of thought, regardless of event, regardless of experience, (even regardless of experience or appearance of ‘me’ or disappearance of ‘me’).

Unspeakable moment that neither began when I think it did, nor ends.  Now happening, while really not happening at all.

Impossible to understand because it is always closer than understanding.  Alive with the energy that gives rise to the entire cosmos as well as every speck of dust; every cathedral as well as every mundane thought.


All is here.  Here is eternal God, eternal Truth.  Here I am.  All….”

Quoted by Robert Ullman et al. in Mystics, Masters, Saints, and Sages: Stories of Enlightenment.

Photo Credit: Gangaji from The Gangaji-Foundation.

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