Mystical Experience of Joseph Salmon

Joseph Salmon (known to be alive from 1647 – 1656) was a highly regarded 17th century English religious and political writer.  For a period after 1650 he was a Protestant minister in Kent, in South East England. A Neo-Platonist, Salmon described humankind’s life in time as a descent from oneness into multiplicity.  He believed our true life is in unity; the aim of the mystical path is thus to return our spirits to their original center.

Salmon described his mystical experience as follows:

“I appeared to myself as one confounded into the abyss of eternity, nonentitized into the Being of beings, my soul split and emptied into the fountain and ocean of divine bliss.”

Quoted by Sidney Spencer in Mysticism in World Religion from Salmon’s Heights in Depths, and Depths in Heights.

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