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Mystical Experience of Saint Angela of Foligno

Saint Angela of Foligno (1248 –1309) was a Christian mystic who wrote extensively about her mystical revelations.  She is well known not only for her spiritual writings, but also for founding a religious community devoted to her vision of caring for those in need.  Pope Francis declared Angela of Foligno a saint in October, 2013.

Angela of Foligno was married (presumably early in life) and had children.  At around forty years of age, she reportedly had a vision of Saint Francis and recognized the emptiness of her life.  From that time on, she led a life devoted to higher perfection.  Within a few years of the vision, her mother, husband, and children all passed away.

Saint Angela of Foligno wrote the following of her mystical consciousness:

“The eyes of my soul were opened, and I beheld the plenitude of God, wherein I did comprehend the whole world, both here and beyond the sea, and the abyss and ocean and all things.  In all these things I beheld naught save the divine power, in a manner assuredly indescribable; so that through excess of marveling the soul cried with a loud voice, saying, ‘This whole world is full of God!’  Wherefore I now comprehended how small a thing is the whole world, that is to say both here and beyond the seas, the abyss, the ocean, and all things; and that the Power of God exceeds and fills all.

Quoted by Andrew Harvey from The Essential Mystics: The Soul’s Journey into Truth.

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