Mystical Experience of Vivien Gibson

Vivien Gibson’s mystical experience account is featured in The Relevance of Bliss by Nona Coxhead (1985).  Publicly available information about Gibson appears limited; however, Coxhead explained that, at the time of Gibson’s experience, Gibson was a “young widow” who “experienced a profoundly altered state of consciousness as an after-effect of taking, for therapeutic purposes, a large dose of insulin”.

The account of Gibson’s mystical experience is as follows:

“It began with an overwhelming awareness that I understood everything about everything, and that the Universe wasn’t complex at all, but beautifully, exquisitely simple – although not, of course, describable in any terms that we know.  I laughed in sheer joy at the absolute “rightness” of it.  No doubt you know the jubilantly satisfying “click” one experiences when one finds the solution to, for instance, a complicated mathematical problem.  Well, the experience I had was of a similar kind, but carried to the ultimate.  A king-size, super hyper-Click!!!  And with the feeling that I had “come home”.  It included the blissful awareness of unity, of being in all, all being in me.  All this – I say “all” but really it was a single experience merged into an intense and buoyant feeling of “Love”:  I felt as though I were breathing love and had love coursing through my veins; and this persisted for some time after regaining full consciousness.  Every person I saw seemed to be very precious to me and I’d gladly have been of service to them in any way I could.  It flashed into my mind that this, of course, was what is meant by “God is love”, not “God is loving”, or “God loves”, but “GOD IS LOVE”.  (Not that I personally think in terms of “God”, the nearest I can get is “Essence”, essence which we block by concentration on our conception of “self”).

Quoted from The Relevance of Bliss by Nona Coxhead.

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