Mystical Experience of Irina Tweedie

Irina Tweedie (1907 – 1999) was a Russian-born British Sufi and teacher.  Her books, Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master and The Chasm of Fire (an abridged version of Daughter of Fire), have together sold more than 140,000 copies.

Tweedie described her kundalini awakening (mystical experience) as follows:

“Burning currents of fire inside; cold shivers running outside, along the spine, wave after wave, over legs, arms, abdomen, making all the hair rise.  It is as if the whole frame were full of electricity….  Then it happened.  It was as if something snapped inside my head, and the whole of me was streaming out ceaselessly, without diminishing, on and on.  There was no “me” – just flowing.  Just being.  A feeling of unending expansion, just streaming forth.

Quoted by Marjorie Woollacott in Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind.

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